Meghdoot Cholesterol GO 100gm

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1.It improves liver and digestion function.

2.It increases metabolism of bad cholesterol.

3.Improves lipid level by lowering cholesterol.

4.Inceases bile level of lever.

5.Detoxify the body thereby aiding in weight loss.


This is a ayurvedic material which was invented since thousands of years ago whisch ic used to maintain the cholesterol level which increases in the body,regular use of this increases good cholesterol (HDL) level and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL_ level in the body.



Gugul,tulsi,amla,haran,vijaysar,jatamashi,vayvindag,kalaungi,methi and bhoomi amla.



To be taken 5 to 10 gms with luke warm water after breakfast in the morning and before bed time in the night.



Guggul-It works on the lever by increasing the metabolism  of the bad cholesterol,it has no side effects.

Amla-Scientific resesrces have established the antioxidant properties of amla,amla reduces total cholesterol level LDL and trigliceride.

Tulsi-It contains Eugenol which contains antioxidant to inhabitate LDL oxidation,it improves lipid level by lowering cholesterol,trigliceride and LDL.

Arjun-It has been well documented as an effected herb for heart disease,this can dissolve the cholesterol that accumulates in the coronary artery.

Harad-It helps clean out stomach and improves digestion,this herb helps get rid of ama for your bowel,detoxify your body thereby aiding in weight loss.

Methi-It improves liver and digestion function,it helps lower bad cholesterol,normalises gastric secretion and increases bile level of lever.




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