Chyawan Prash 1 KG

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1 KG500 gm
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  • Gluten Free, No Cholesterol, No MSG, No Trans Fat, Non GMO, No Sodium

Meghdoot Chyawan Prash is useful in asthama, bronchitis, cough, heart diseases & vitamin deficiency. It helps improve memory. Useful for Male and Female of all age groups.

Dosage: 5 to 10g of prash to be taken with luke warm milk, water or honey in morning and at night.

Meghdoot Special Chyawanprash is an Ayurvedic remedy that has various health benefits. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Amla, Vanshlochan, Kesar, and Cloves, it helps in relieving vitamin deficiencies and improving the immune health. It is also effective in improving memory. Based on the Ayurvedic formulation, it can be suitably used by men and women of all groups.

"For Boosting Immunity & General Wellness"


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