Mix Fruit Face Wash 60 ml

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60 ml
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1.Fights against dryness of skin.

2.Good for pigmentation disorders.

3.Helpful for wrinkles,acne and pimples.

4.Makes the skin soft and glowing.



Meghdoot Mix Fruit Face Wash is an effective ayurvedic blend of papaya and lemon fruit which helps reduce acne, pimple and pigmentation disorder. Papaya fruit contains rejuvenating enzymes that removes dead skin cells to provide glowing complexion and vitamin A that works as an anti-oxidant. Its regular use helps maintain soft, glowing and wrinkle free skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply small quantities on face, neck or any affected parts of the body. Massage for few seconds and rinse off with water. Repeat it 2-3 times a day.


 Papaya, Mango, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Purified Water Q.S.

मिक्स फ्रूट फेश वॅाश : इसके प्रयोग से चेहरे के मुहॅासे व दाने कम होते है एव त्वचा को ताजगी व निखार मिलता है |

घटक :- पपीता, आम, नीबू एलोवेरा, ब्रहमी आदि से निर्मित


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