Triphala Brahmi 500 ml

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200 gm500 ml
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Description: For centuries, Triphala and Brahmi have been the main revitalizing herbs for nerves and brain cells. Their active ingredients help build new protein synthesis, specifically in the brain cells associated with long-term memory.


  • Improves concentration & mental equilibrium
  • Stimulates nerve activity, facilitates learning, memory
  • Decreases senility and strengthen adrenals
  • Treats ADD (attention deficit disorder) in hyperactive children
  • Acts as a tranquilizer, fortifies the immune system
  • Helps to maintain focus and clarity of thought when working under pressure
  • Helpful in sleep disturbances, nervousness, distraction, anxiety and frustration

Ingredients: Amla, Harad, Bahera, Sugandhbala, Balchar, Charela, Kapoorkachri, Nagarmotha, Chandan, Mehandi, Shankpushpi, Bhringraj, Brahmi and Seasame oil.

Directions: Massage hair and head with 5-10 ml oil for 10-15 minutes.


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