Paramveer Pak 500 gm

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500 gm
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  • Very useful in disorder related with semen
  • Spermatorhoea, nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation
  • Increases vigou and vitality mentally as well as physically
  • Builds resistance against infection
  • Promotes ojas & the reproductive fluids

Ingredients: Amla , Asgandh, Satawar, Safed Musali, Kaunck ke beej, Gokru Bada, Vidari Kand, Barahi Kand, Mulethi, Semar Musla, Jaifal, Salam Mishri, Kakarnasha, Gageran ki chal, Akarkara, Pipramool, Kesar, Shilajeet, Suranjan Meetha, Laung, Choti Ilaichi, Pipal Badi, Vanshlochan, Apamarg, Sahad Etc.

Dosage:- Adults: Two teaspoon (10g) and  Teenagers : One teaspoon (5g)  of  Meghdoot Paramveer Pak with lukewarm milk or water in morning and night before meal or as per advice of the physician.

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