Madhushoonya Churna 175 gm

Manage your Sugar Levels with Natural Herbs

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<p>1. Meghdoot Madhushoonya Powder&nbsp;is an ayurvedic medicine.</p> <p>2.It has been carefully formulated after years of research and development.</p> <p>3.It regulates high blood sugar level.</p> <p>4.It also regulates heart weakness and blood pressure.</p> <p>5.It also generates new energy in the body.</p>
<p><strong>Directions:</strong> To be taken 5g to 10g with luke warm water after breakfast in morning and before bed time at night.</p> <p><strong>Precaution:</strong> Avoid potato, rice, sugar, khatai and fried, spicy and rich food.</p> <p><strong>Ingredients:</strong> Gymnema sylvestre, Syzygium cumini, Pterocarpus marsupium, Momordica charantia , Boswellia floribunda , Withania somnifera, Azadirachta indica, Ocimum sanctum, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Purified shilajeet etc.</p> <p><strong>Karela</strong>-Reputed for carbohydrate metabolism and controls diabetes.</p> <p><strong>Tulsi</strong>-Boosts immunity and relieves cough and cold.</p> <p><strong>Ashwagandha</strong>-Relievs stress,strain and fatigue.</p> <p><strong>Vijaysar</strong>-Controls weight,redduces joint pains and regulates high blood pressure sugar level.</p> <p><strong>Neem</strong>-Anti-fungal,anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial.</p> <p><strong>Jamun</strong>-Regulates blood pressure and sugar level.</p> <p><strong>Gudmar</strong>-Regulates blood sugar level.</p> <p><strong>Shilajit</strong>-Rejuvenates body with vitamins.</p>


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