Meghdoot Herbal

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MEGHDOOT KESARI BADAM PRASH is a highly nutritive, rejuvenating & revitalising tonic. It improves digestion & assimilation of food & enhances vigor, vitality & strength. It helps to build immunity power and acts as a nervine tonic, thereby providing comprehensive health. It restores blood abnormalities and improves blood’s content & quality. It strengthens the heart, brain, nervous & reproductive systems and stimulates their functions.

Directions: After every meal in the day & night either with milk or warm water.

Dosages: 12-24gm. one (child-15 yrs & above) to two (Adult) tablespoon, according to age or as advised by the physician. Not recommended for children below the age of 15 years.

Indications: Highly Nutritive, Rejuvenating & Nervine Tonic, Improves Vigor, Vitality &Strength, Improves Digestion & Food Assimilation, Re-energize Body & Mind &Improves Vital Functions of the Body.

Ingredients: Amla, Kesar, Badamgiri , Pista , Satavari , Suranjana, Salam Misri Ashwagandha, Akarkara, Pipli, Chobhchini, Elaichi, Jaiphal, Daal Chini, Pipli, Vidari Kanda, Vacha, Madhu, Sharkara, Desi Ghee, Yastimadhu, Phaseolus Trilobus, Mashaparni, Mochrus,  Apmarga

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